TIG and MIG Welding

At DEVISE SOLUTIONS we utilize Miller welding power supplies to satisfy your high strength, high purity welding requirements. This technology offers the latest in square and triangular wave processing, giving us the edge when welding aluminum. For steel, stainless steel and titanium, the pulsed feature allows us to minimize the HAZ (Heat Affected Zone), insuring the strongest welds possible without compromising the surrounding structural integrity of your parts.
Utilizing a laboratory Despatch model VRC2-26-1E computer controlled oven for pre-heating and staging production runs, we are able to insure proper weld penetration, particularly with aluminum parts. This oven also enables us to artificially age 7005 aluminum to manufacturer’s specifications – of importance to our aluminum bicycle frame customers. In addition, our in-house Rockwell hardness testing equipment is available for large specimens.


Knowing that proper weld fixturing is essential, we use laser breadboard tables (newport.com) for quick and accurate fixturing of your welds. Our 3′ x 5′ x 12″ thick granite surface plate is accurate within .0005″ giving us an inspection platform most welding shops don’t have.