Mountain bikers take notice! DEVISE SOLUTIONS is introducing new “must have” tire pressure technology.

Imagine having the ability to adjust your tire pressure while riding. Adapting your traction requirements to the terrain. Descending with the grip of 20 psi then with the press of a button, cranking it up to 50 psi for the next climb – not to mention the ease of instant inflation after repairing a flat.

DEVISE SOLUTION’S patent pending ADAPTRAC system allows you to retrofit your mountain bike with this amazing capability.

The ADAPTRAC system includes special hubs (or complete wheel sets), handlebar controls and a CO2 power pack, giving you independent control over the inflation pressure of your tires. Furthermore you can monitor actual tire pressure at all times with the miniature pressure gauges included with the system. Wheels can still be removed as you would normally (requires Fox QR15 front axel and 12mm through rear axle … more configurations coming soon).

Uses readily available paintball CO2 canisters (rechargeable at welding supply or paintball retailer) or purchase our charging kit and do it your self at home or trailhead.

This technology has been used for years by the 4WD guys, enabling tortuous treks through the Rubicon and such. Now DEVISE SOLUTIONS has made this same benefit available to mountain bikers. Air down the rear tire really low and you now have the ability to stand up without losing traction. Climb those previously un-climbable loose sections – instantly re-inflate afterward to continue the ride.

The new ADAPTRAC gives you quick, easy inflation/deflation in seconds! Please visit our product website for more details

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Devise Bicycles

At DEVISE SOLUTIONS our lifelong passion for on and off road cycling has inspired the creation of our custom bike frame company. Twenty-five years of tool making, TIG welding, fabrication and manufacturing has enabled us to design and build your frame with a perfect synthesis of innovative design and quality workmanship, for elegance in form and function.

Using aluminum and titanium as materials of choice we carefully craft each frame to your specific dimensions and riding requirements.

We fabricate to order:

Touring road frames
Road racing/training frames
Mountain bike hardtails
Road and mountain bike softies (compliant, tunable rear triangles)